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Map Prints Make Excellent Gifts

Map art makes an amazing present for just about any occasion, from a first home gift to a retirement memento. You can show a whole city on one map, or spread your favourite city across an entire wall with a triptych.  Zoom into your old neighbourhood and show your mam’s street and the local park, where you walked Sparky as a kid. Maybe, you want to show the coastal path where you said “Yes!”.  Are you, or someone you love an avid traveller?  There’s a map print for that.

Barcelona city print

Your favourite place is unique both geographically, and in terms of its urban development.

Map art should be a fitting tribute to your memories, regardless of how many roads there are, or the topology of the area.  This is why we have three different map styles, and within these styles we adapt the elements to make the best looking artwork possible for the area you want to include.

The Land Map Style

The land map was the original Yve Print Co. map style.  We flood the land area with colour, or foil, and the roads and rivers cut through this so you can see the paper colour underneath.  On certain grasslands, we add dots for texture and interest.

riso land map style
land map copper

Rural and Urban Locations

If your area is an urban city, you’ll see lots of roads of varying widths, rivers and any sections of water.  Parks and recreation fields usually have the dotted texture.  If your location is rural, it will be a mix of dotted and solid background with fewer roads and any waterways snaking through the the area.  The land map style looks great on urban and rural areas alike.

The Topographic Map

Our topo map style makes the most of hilly and mountainous areas. In addition to the topographic lines, we only include major roads, and water areas. With our topographic map prints, we want to make the most of dramatic vertical geography. The topographic lines are joined at the same elevation above sea level. On hills and mountains, you see ever decreasing circles. Topographic prints make beautiful images, and are perfect when the area you want in your map has a good mix of elevation.

gold on bright white
foil land map

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